We serve & care with love towards excellence
(Ms. Siana Sugianto, Director of Vita Service Agency



August, 2012 :
I and my sisters went to study in Singapore in 2007 through VITA Agency, then after getting my GCE“ O” level, I decided to study in USA (Seattle) last Jun 2011, then I got accepted by Uni of Washington (Timothy Tandiokusuma

August, 2012:
I left for Singapore last Jun 2008 to join Ascensia Academy (Hua L C) prep course then I got posted by MOE Singapore into St Andrew Secondary(Sec 3 E) Jan 2009...
(Hermawan Setyo Rahardjo – Lamongan)


Residence :

If you're professional with tertiary qualifications or just fresh graduate from Bachelor/Master Degree and want to live and work in Singapore, you're eligible to apply for Singapore PR under Landed Permanent Residence (LPR) scheme.

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We serve & care with love towards excellence

Our company, VITA, first set up in 1996 as Management Consultant/Education Consultant. In 1996, we started sending students from Indonesia to study in Singapore and Australia, and since 1997, we have been sending many students to Singapore from Primary to University students, comprises of 60-70% young students (Primary & Secondary) & 30-40% adult students (Undergraduates and Graduates) and that's why we are well known as specialist in Singapore Education, particularly for Basic Education (Primary & Secondary schools). Although our company is based in Surabaya, but our students come from all over Indonesia such as from Jakarta/West Java, Central Java, East Java, Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

Besides providing education services, VITA has also been providing consultation for Indonesian who are interested in becoming Singapore Permanent Residence under Landed Permanent Residence scheme since early 1999 until now and our yearly success rate is above 90%.

Besides Singapore, we also send students to other countries such as to Australia, USA, Canada, UK, and Malaysia and most of them are our students who first we sent to Singapore and decide to continue their education to other countries after graduating from secondary schools and we offer this continuous service Free of charge.

For USA, VITA has been representing many Community Colleges and State Universities which are popular as Top US Colleges with low tuition fee.

Our Director, Ms Siana Sugianto, with more than ten years of experiences as education consultant and by having experiences in studying overseas such as in London, UK and in Montreal, Canada can give the best advice to students and their parents.